Monday, May 30, 2011

Longest day of my Life

So as you can tell today has been the longest day of my life. It began at 8:30 in the morning where my host mom Magdalena walked me to the International office which was about a twenty minute walk, but I didn't mind that because I like to walk. About ten minutes into the walk we cross over a river that runs under the city, here i met one of Magdalena's friends who also had a student with her named Alexis. We continued the rest of the walk together with them to the office.  It was there that I met all the other students that were in my program with me, so it was nice to meet them. Our teachers we met also and from there they took us on another walk to where the university actually was, another ten minute walk. Once we got there we took a placement test to see where we would be and what level of class we would take. Luckily Alexis and I wound up in the same class together. I met another girl but sadly I can't remember her name. But I know we are going to be great friends, she is from nepal and speaks way better spanish than me, so she is helping me to learn how to speak conversationally, it's amazing to see how much spanish I forgot in one semester of not having a spanish class. I also bought a phone here to be able to keep up with my friends and my family. All of this took till about 9 at night where I then walked back to my house and found one of Magdalena's daughter's there with her husband. I liked them alot, they were so nice and knew a little english so it was easier to talk with them as they could explain things to me. Also me and Magdalena are going to have a problem because she feeds me all the time. For those of you who know me, you know that I can eat like nobody's business, but I swear I have never been forced to eat so much food in my life. Magdalena piles it so high on my plate every meal to where I eat till I feel like I'm going to explode and I haven't even made a dent in the plate. So I dont know what I'm going to do about that ha. Well tomorrow I start my classes.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The first day

Well I made it to Spain with no trouble at all. Navigating airports is easier than I thought ha. I left yesterday at 1:44pm from greensboro and arrived in Spain about 17 hours later due to the time change, so the time that I arrived was about 12:30 pm, almost a full 24 hours spent traveling. So as you can imagine I was so tired. A friend from the program I am working with came to pick me and three other students up, where he then took us directly to our host families. I like my family so much! Magdalena and her husband are a cute little old couple who are so funny and love to talk all the time. Which I dont know half of what they are saying now but I'm hoping I'll catch up quick. Magdalena showed me to my room, fed me a ton of food, like seriously a ton of food,ha she hands me this huge plate and tells me "comes todo" eat it all. So I am probable going to get really fat while I am here because all they do is feed me. It's nice because after that we watch tv and they explain to me what's going on because of course I don't understand. I love it here, but it is so draining having to focus and concentrate all the time. Tomorrow Magdalena will take me to the "Center" where I'll  have sort of an ortientation I guess.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ok I lied

So this is prolly going to be my last post to Spain, not the other one, ha. So this is just some cool updates that I have recently learned about my trip to Spain and other stuff. First I would just like to say how cool it is that God knows what I need without me even needing to ask for it, or me even thinking about how I need to ask for it. Go God! So what He did for me, is He provided me with info about the family I'm going to be staying with. Their last name is Fernandez-Blancos, or something like that and they are a cute old couple. They have two older daughters who I think have already moved out. I didn't even think I was worried about my family until I learned all this info and then I was suddenly relieved. Also I'm terrified of airports and having to navigate my way through them. Its not really the airports but I don't like being lost, and people in airports are also so rude and suspicious looking, not how they appear in the movies at all. Anyway so I was worried about how I would be getting to Spain when here comes God giving me a traveling companion. =) Apparently there is another kid doing the program, also from where I live who is going to be on my exact same flight the whole way there. How awesome is that!? His name is Sam and I hope we will be awesome friends. So this is God answering my prayers before I even ask them.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Beginning

So this is going to be a sort of journal of my trip to Spain I guess. Two things I should warn you of (1) I am very lazy (2) I hate grammer, when you combine those two things together bad things happen. So I apologize in advice for my bad grammer, bad punctuation, and anything else that anyone reading might disaprove of, esp. Mr. Powell if you are reading this, sorry, its not you its me, you are a great teacher, but some things can't be taught and they can't be learned either. I might have learned it at one time, but then forgot or something.

So anyways its 12 days till I leave, I haven't even started to pack or even think about what I should pack, I don't know who I'm living with when I get there, and on the flight there I have to switch flights like three times which, laugh all you want, terrifies me. But other than that I am soo excited. Excited to see Spain, to learn its culture and its peoples, to be able to speak spanish, but most of all I want God to do something major with me while I am there, so I am excited to see what He does. All I know for sure is that Spain will help me to define my faith, and not depend on others to define it for me, I will be completely alone in Spain without any Christian influence, so it will be interesting to see how I turn out at the end of the summer.This is all I will probably write before I get to Spain, so yeah k bye.