Sunday, May 29, 2011

The first day

Well I made it to Spain with no trouble at all. Navigating airports is easier than I thought ha. I left yesterday at 1:44pm from greensboro and arrived in Spain about 17 hours later due to the time change, so the time that I arrived was about 12:30 pm, almost a full 24 hours spent traveling. So as you can imagine I was so tired. A friend from the program I am working with came to pick me and three other students up, where he then took us directly to our host families. I like my family so much! Magdalena and her husband are a cute little old couple who are so funny and love to talk all the time. Which I dont know half of what they are saying now but I'm hoping I'll catch up quick. Magdalena showed me to my room, fed me a ton of food, like seriously a ton of food,ha she hands me this huge plate and tells me "comes todo" eat it all. So I am probable going to get really fat while I am here because all they do is feed me. It's nice because after that we watch tv and they explain to me what's going on because of course I don't understand. I love it here, but it is so draining having to focus and concentrate all the time. Tomorrow Magdalena will take me to the "Center" where I'll  have sort of an ortientation I guess.


  1. so for some reason all i could think about when I read this was Drew going "Umm...delicious"

  2. Glad you made it to Spain safe!!! Love you friend!!!