Monday, May 23, 2011

Ok I lied

So this is prolly going to be my last post to Spain, not the other one, ha. So this is just some cool updates that I have recently learned about my trip to Spain and other stuff. First I would just like to say how cool it is that God knows what I need without me even needing to ask for it, or me even thinking about how I need to ask for it. Go God! So what He did for me, is He provided me with info about the family I'm going to be staying with. Their last name is Fernandez-Blancos, or something like that and they are a cute old couple. They have two older daughters who I think have already moved out. I didn't even think I was worried about my family until I learned all this info and then I was suddenly relieved. Also I'm terrified of airports and having to navigate my way through them. Its not really the airports but I don't like being lost, and people in airports are also so rude and suspicious looking, not how they appear in the movies at all. Anyway so I was worried about how I would be getting to Spain when here comes God giving me a traveling companion. =) Apparently there is another kid doing the program, also from where I live who is going to be on my exact same flight the whole way there. How awesome is that!? His name is Sam and I hope we will be awesome friends. So this is God answering my prayers before I even ask them.

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  1. you should change the font...reading extensive posts in the current setting will get really old really fast