Sunday, July 31, 2011

final goodbye

so i left Grananda and made it to the USA safely, but somehow all of my problems started once i got to the US ha. First of all my flight was delayed for two hours, then as I was waiting for my bags at the baggage claim some drug dog decided to ID my backpack as being suspicious cause it started sniffing it like crazy. So of course drug dogs are accompanied usually by drug ladies, and this lady was like do you have any drugs with you? First of all even if i did like i'm just going to tell her and come clean ha. So of course i said no and she was like, open your bag slowly, meanwhile the whole airport is staring at me prolly hoping ill get busted or something. So I'm emptying my bag and the dog is going crazy like tugging at his leash and stuff. And the drug lady meanwhile is getting more and more nervous like i'm going to pull out a bomb or something. Eventually i get to my candy stash and pull out a twix bar and the dog is all over it ha apparently that dog has a major sweat tooth. Ha the lady was all embarrassed and was like, oh its just candy. So on top of that i almost missed my connecting flight first because of the dog then of course i get randomly selected to be the person in the security line that they crazy search and stuff, I was like please pick someone else because i'm going to miss my flight, but there logic was if i didn't have anything to hide i would be in and out in no time ha. Oh and they just announced that my flight to greensboro has been delayed an hour and 1/2 due to mechanical messed up junk and stuff, ha what a day this has been, will I ever get home?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

another reason why family reunions and alcohol should never be combined ha

Well I know its been a while since my last post but everythings been pretty much the same. Classes everyday, projects to do, boring stuff like that. Some cool stuff that has happened is one I finished up one of my classes, took the final exam and stuff so now I dont´have to go to that class anymore, which is nice. So now the rest of my classes finish up this week, my culture class on thursday and my language class on friday. Ha I am so done with school, and to think when I come back I have two weeks till real school starts again, yay. So this week Í´ve gotten to hang out with my spanish dad rafael alot. The other day we went to go see a movie in the "cine del verano" which is this really cool outdoor theatre, like a drive in but without the cars. So its this awesome outdoor theatre with a huge projectorscreen and all these chairs set up in rows with little tables attached to them. So rafael and i each got a soda and a hamburger and sat outside watching a movie, it was such a cool experience. Also this past sunday was my spanish grandma´s birthday ha she turned 84, i know right, wow. So anyway it was a big surprise, which in my opinion the older you get the more you might want to rethink surprises and stuff ha. Anyway though all the family was there, like literally, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandbabies and stuff, alot of people. So that was just another awesome way for me to see some of the customs and tradicions and ways of life that spanish people have. WE went to this restuarant which sorta did the tapas thing but on a huge scale. They would keep bringing us plates and plates of different food and we got to just pick and chose what we liked and what we wanted to eat. THey also had huge pitchers of cervesa and tinto de verano, which are very typical everyday spanish drinks. Then at the end they brought out this huge cake thing and champagne for everyone to be able to toast the grandmas birthday and stuff. And after that everyone just sat around and talked, it was really nice to see family caring for each other like that. THere was a little drama later on, but with so much family around and that many pitchers having been gone through ha i wasn´t surprised. So yeah i leave this saturday for america and yeah i dont know if i´m going to be posting anytihng until then, unless something really awesome happens like i win the spanish lottery.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

you learn new things everyday

Today is saturday and its been a very chill day. I went with my family to one of my lady's daughter's house who had a pool, and we just spent the whole day chillin and swimmin and eating and talkin, well they talked, I just listened and pretended I knew what they were saying ha. Probably the highlite of my day though was when my lady's daughter I forgot her name so we'll just call her maria, so maria asked me if I was bored and wanted something to do. Well I wasn't bored but I like activities so I followed her into the kitchen were she proceded to show me how to make cigarettes ha. She had this like coffee can looking thing full of tobacco and then all these "empty" cigarette papers or something. She then showed me how to roll and pack and seal these cigarettes. I asked her why she didn't just buy cigarettes like everybody else, so she explained to me that this way was much cheaper. She said for the same price as two packs of cigarettes, this can of tabacco would make about the equivalent of seven packs. She Also said it was better for her cause since she doesn't have time to make them all the time, it causes her to smoke less too. So it was an intersting way to pass an afternoon making cigarettes with my spanish sister in the kitchen ha. So yeah that was probably the highlite of my day and I now have a newfound talent, and I didnt' know you could be good at making cigarettes, but apparently I am a natural ha they all kept complimenting me on my superb ability to make a cigarette ha.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

some things never change

So I'm about to finish my second week of the second half of my time here, if that makes any sense. All my classes are still pretty much the same. I enjoy them alot ha except my first one which i'm not even sure the teacher is speaking spanish, maybe its finnish or scandinavian or something ha, but whatever it is I don't understand it. I understand everyone else, all my other teachers, random people on the street, but this guy is my worst nightmare, I am literally lost in translation, if i'm using that saying right. So any way my parents took me to some parks the other day which was really sweet. They were like we know you run all the time so here are some pretty places to run so you dont have to keep running in the sketch city. Its strange but after all this time in one city, that really isn't that big, I still feel like there is so much of this city that I haven't even seen yet. So i guess its a good thing I use all of my free time in between classes to wander around. So yeah things are pretty much still the same here but on a cool note, I brought this book with me, its the purpose driven life but its in spanish, I thought i would bring it to practice my spanish ha yeah like that happened, anyway My lady found it and asked my if she could borrow it because it looked interesting so I said sure, I dont know I thought that was cool and hopefully something awesome happens as a result, so pray for my lady that this book will do good and God will work through it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Still the Same

So I've almost finished my first week of my new classes, and I have to say I'm getting pretty used to my new system. The bad part is I no longer get to take naps during the day since I don't get home from class till six, but the good thing is that I have time in between my classes to do my homework for the next class ha. So I lost my charger to my spanish phone a couple days ago but I didn't want to go out and buy a new one, I was kinda hoping it would just magically stay alive forever ha but no it decided to give up on life and die. So I went to the store where I bought my phone and they didn't sell it there, and the lady there said it might be at Corte Ingles which is like the spanish equivalent to wal-mart. So I tried there and they had one but it was like thirty euro and I was like no way jose I'm just going to half to figure something out. So as I was thinking of a plan to either steal one or make one myself I remeber that my american phone has a charger thing that looks similar to mine so I decided to check that first. Wouldn't you know, that I didn't bring it with me to america. But being a genius who is not only hood but resourceful too I have created a charger out of my camera cord, ipod hook up, and my converter adapter. It's this huge monstrosity but at least it works ha.

Monday, July 4, 2011

I hate title-ing all my blogs its impossible to sum up my adventures in just a few words

Well the second month of school had officially started after a nice break in between. At first I thought I had a totally wacked up schedule but it might actually turn out to be a nice thing. I have three classes, two are 1 hour and one is 2 hours. My first class doesnt start till 11 so thats good I get to sleep in a little more. It's spanish history and i hope it is better than today because maybe it was the way the guy talk or the subject, but whatever it was I had the hardest time focusing, and when i was focused i was bored ha. My second class is spanish culture which i love because my teacher is so crazy and awesome, you can tell she loves to have fun and loves to teach, she's really young too i would say maybe late twenties, so that could be another reason why i like her. And my third class is another language class which I really like as well, the teacher is so fun and so are the students ha i know i will enjoy this class. So I have a hour and a half break between each of my classes which if you can believe it is not enough time to go home and eat lunch, so I go from 11-6 classes. Today in between my classes i just walked around the city, well it would be better to say that i wandered ha cause i didn't really know where i was most of the time. But I think from now on I can use that time to get in the word or read or do something productful with my time other than just walking ha.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A whole week of parties

So from Wednesday to this coming Monday had been the Fiesta del Corpus, everyday there are parades and stuff in the streets and at night there is like this huge carnival thing with rides and games and tents with restuarants and places to dance. Everything was lit up and pretty, I've never been to Las Vagus at night but I think you could compare it to something like that. So Thursday night some of my friends and I went to the carnival at night, which was so fun but also so expensive ha so I spent most of my time walking around and looking at stuff while other people went on rides that you had to pay for, but I didn't mind. Same as during the day all the ladies were dressed in really cool flaminco dresses, it just gave me a good picture of the history and traditions that Spain has, and I like how they still uphold them today. So we didn't leave the carnival till like two in the morning, which serves me right, because the next morning (today) I had to wake up at 6:30 in the morning. Me and some other friends had decided to go to Nerja which is a beautiful beach about two hours away, but it's a beach just known for being beautiful so that's why we didn't go to a closer one. But man was it hot there ha, but still so beautiful. It had these huge rocks everyway in the water, and the water went right up to these cliffs covered in palm trees, like I said beautiful. Another thing Nerja is known for are these caves, so of course while we were there we took this tour of these underground caves. They were so impressive, just so big and spacious, I dont really know how to describe it, but I liked what I saw. So all that pretty much took up the entire day ha I just got back.

On a cool, not so relevent, spiritual side note, I got to talk to this one girl about the Bible today. I mean it wasn't anything that special, I didn't bridge her up or anything. She must have seen my Jesus bracelet cause she asked me what it means when people compare something to "manna from heaven", so I got to explain to her the story of Moses and the Isrealites in captivity and how God rescued them and provided for them and stuff, it was pretty cool, it was the first time since I've been here that I've been able to have a real conversation with someone about God. So you guys should pray that I'll get more chances to have more real conversations with people. And also I've been having trouble lately with swearing, not that I am swearing, but my friends here swear alot, and when I'm surrounded by it and I hear it so much it gets hard for me to filter it out and it becomes a challenge for me where I really have to guard what i say and think about it otherwise I might say something I shouldn't, something I'd regret. So yeah pray that I'll be able to guard my mouth and be a good example of Christ to others.