Thursday, July 7, 2011

Still the Same

So I've almost finished my first week of my new classes, and I have to say I'm getting pretty used to my new system. The bad part is I no longer get to take naps during the day since I don't get home from class till six, but the good thing is that I have time in between my classes to do my homework for the next class ha. So I lost my charger to my spanish phone a couple days ago but I didn't want to go out and buy a new one, I was kinda hoping it would just magically stay alive forever ha but no it decided to give up on life and die. So I went to the store where I bought my phone and they didn't sell it there, and the lady there said it might be at Corte Ingles which is like the spanish equivalent to wal-mart. So I tried there and they had one but it was like thirty euro and I was like no way jose I'm just going to half to figure something out. So as I was thinking of a plan to either steal one or make one myself I remeber that my american phone has a charger thing that looks similar to mine so I decided to check that first. Wouldn't you know, that I didn't bring it with me to america. But being a genius who is not only hood but resourceful too I have created a charger out of my camera cord, ipod hook up, and my converter adapter. It's this huge monstrosity but at least it works ha.

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  1. You are ever my resourceful daughter!!! :)
    Thanks for a great time.
    Love you.