Monday, July 4, 2011

I hate title-ing all my blogs its impossible to sum up my adventures in just a few words

Well the second month of school had officially started after a nice break in between. At first I thought I had a totally wacked up schedule but it might actually turn out to be a nice thing. I have three classes, two are 1 hour and one is 2 hours. My first class doesnt start till 11 so thats good I get to sleep in a little more. It's spanish history and i hope it is better than today because maybe it was the way the guy talk or the subject, but whatever it was I had the hardest time focusing, and when i was focused i was bored ha. My second class is spanish culture which i love because my teacher is so crazy and awesome, you can tell she loves to have fun and loves to teach, she's really young too i would say maybe late twenties, so that could be another reason why i like her. And my third class is another language class which I really like as well, the teacher is so fun and so are the students ha i know i will enjoy this class. So I have a hour and a half break between each of my classes which if you can believe it is not enough time to go home and eat lunch, so I go from 11-6 classes. Today in between my classes i just walked around the city, well it would be better to say that i wandered ha cause i didn't really know where i was most of the time. But I think from now on I can use that time to get in the word or read or do something productful with my time other than just walking ha.

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