Saturday, July 16, 2011

you learn new things everyday

Today is saturday and its been a very chill day. I went with my family to one of my lady's daughter's house who had a pool, and we just spent the whole day chillin and swimmin and eating and talkin, well they talked, I just listened and pretended I knew what they were saying ha. Probably the highlite of my day though was when my lady's daughter I forgot her name so we'll just call her maria, so maria asked me if I was bored and wanted something to do. Well I wasn't bored but I like activities so I followed her into the kitchen were she proceded to show me how to make cigarettes ha. She had this like coffee can looking thing full of tobacco and then all these "empty" cigarette papers or something. She then showed me how to roll and pack and seal these cigarettes. I asked her why she didn't just buy cigarettes like everybody else, so she explained to me that this way was much cheaper. She said for the same price as two packs of cigarettes, this can of tabacco would make about the equivalent of seven packs. She Also said it was better for her cause since she doesn't have time to make them all the time, it causes her to smoke less too. So it was an intersting way to pass an afternoon making cigarettes with my spanish sister in the kitchen ha. So yeah that was probably the highlite of my day and I now have a newfound talent, and I didnt' know you could be good at making cigarettes, but apparently I am a natural ha they all kept complimenting me on my superb ability to make a cigarette ha.

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