Tuesday, July 26, 2011

another reason why family reunions and alcohol should never be combined ha

Well I know its been a while since my last post but everythings been pretty much the same. Classes everyday, projects to do, boring stuff like that. Some cool stuff that has happened is one I finished up one of my classes, took the final exam and stuff so now I dont´have to go to that class anymore, which is nice. So now the rest of my classes finish up this week, my culture class on thursday and my language class on friday. Ha I am so done with school, and to think when I come back I have two weeks till real school starts again, yay. So this week Í´ve gotten to hang out with my spanish dad rafael alot. The other day we went to go see a movie in the "cine del verano" which is this really cool outdoor theatre, like a drive in but without the cars. So its this awesome outdoor theatre with a huge projectorscreen and all these chairs set up in rows with little tables attached to them. So rafael and i each got a soda and a hamburger and sat outside watching a movie, it was such a cool experience. Also this past sunday was my spanish grandma´s birthday ha she turned 84, i know right, wow. So anyway it was a big surprise, which in my opinion the older you get the more you might want to rethink surprises and stuff ha. Anyway though all the family was there, like literally, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandbabies and stuff, alot of people. So that was just another awesome way for me to see some of the customs and tradicions and ways of life that spanish people have. WE went to this restuarant which sorta did the tapas thing but on a huge scale. They would keep bringing us plates and plates of different food and we got to just pick and chose what we liked and what we wanted to eat. THey also had huge pitchers of cervesa and tinto de verano, which are very typical everyday spanish drinks. Then at the end they brought out this huge cake thing and champagne for everyone to be able to toast the grandmas birthday and stuff. And after that everyone just sat around and talked, it was really nice to see family caring for each other like that. THere was a little drama later on, but with so much family around and that many pitchers having been gone through ha i wasn´t surprised. So yeah i leave this saturday for america and yeah i dont know if i´m going to be posting anytihng until then, unless something really awesome happens like i win the spanish lottery.

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  1. Katlyn,
    We are all looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! It has not been the same around here without you. :) Please pass along my greetings and thanks to Rafael and Magdalena once again. Safe travels to you.