Sunday, July 31, 2011

final goodbye

so i left Grananda and made it to the USA safely, but somehow all of my problems started once i got to the US ha. First of all my flight was delayed for two hours, then as I was waiting for my bags at the baggage claim some drug dog decided to ID my backpack as being suspicious cause it started sniffing it like crazy. So of course drug dogs are accompanied usually by drug ladies, and this lady was like do you have any drugs with you? First of all even if i did like i'm just going to tell her and come clean ha. So of course i said no and she was like, open your bag slowly, meanwhile the whole airport is staring at me prolly hoping ill get busted or something. So I'm emptying my bag and the dog is going crazy like tugging at his leash and stuff. And the drug lady meanwhile is getting more and more nervous like i'm going to pull out a bomb or something. Eventually i get to my candy stash and pull out a twix bar and the dog is all over it ha apparently that dog has a major sweat tooth. Ha the lady was all embarrassed and was like, oh its just candy. So on top of that i almost missed my connecting flight first because of the dog then of course i get randomly selected to be the person in the security line that they crazy search and stuff, I was like please pick someone else because i'm going to miss my flight, but there logic was if i didn't have anything to hide i would be in and out in no time ha. Oh and they just announced that my flight to greensboro has been delayed an hour and 1/2 due to mechanical messed up junk and stuff, ha what a day this has been, will I ever get home?

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