Wednesday, July 13, 2011

some things never change

So I'm about to finish my second week of the second half of my time here, if that makes any sense. All my classes are still pretty much the same. I enjoy them alot ha except my first one which i'm not even sure the teacher is speaking spanish, maybe its finnish or scandinavian or something ha, but whatever it is I don't understand it. I understand everyone else, all my other teachers, random people on the street, but this guy is my worst nightmare, I am literally lost in translation, if i'm using that saying right. So any way my parents took me to some parks the other day which was really sweet. They were like we know you run all the time so here are some pretty places to run so you dont have to keep running in the sketch city. Its strange but after all this time in one city, that really isn't that big, I still feel like there is so much of this city that I haven't even seen yet. So i guess its a good thing I use all of my free time in between classes to wander around. So yeah things are pretty much still the same here but on a cool note, I brought this book with me, its the purpose driven life but its in spanish, I thought i would bring it to practice my spanish ha yeah like that happened, anyway My lady found it and asked my if she could borrow it because it looked interesting so I said sure, I dont know I thought that was cool and hopefully something awesome happens as a result, so pray for my lady that this book will do good and God will work through it.

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