Monday, May 16, 2011

The Beginning

So this is going to be a sort of journal of my trip to Spain I guess. Two things I should warn you of (1) I am very lazy (2) I hate grammer, when you combine those two things together bad things happen. So I apologize in advice for my bad grammer, bad punctuation, and anything else that anyone reading might disaprove of, esp. Mr. Powell if you are reading this, sorry, its not you its me, you are a great teacher, but some things can't be taught and they can't be learned either. I might have learned it at one time, but then forgot or something.

So anyways its 12 days till I leave, I haven't even started to pack or even think about what I should pack, I don't know who I'm living with when I get there, and on the flight there I have to switch flights like three times which, laugh all you want, terrifies me. But other than that I am soo excited. Excited to see Spain, to learn its culture and its peoples, to be able to speak spanish, but most of all I want God to do something major with me while I am there, so I am excited to see what He does. All I know for sure is that Spain will help me to define my faith, and not depend on others to define it for me, I will be completely alone in Spain without any Christian influence, so it will be interesting to see how I turn out at the end of the summer.This is all I will probably write before I get to Spain, so yeah k bye.


  1. Katlyn,

    It's great that you're blogging about your experiences in Spain. I am also! I am interested in your experiences. You'll be there before I am. I want to know everything!

    I'm a Christian too, so maybe we can hang out. Also, you should ask your host family to take you to Church. My host family goes to church on Sundays. If they won't take you, then you can find one on your own. Also, when you make some friends, maybe they can take you.

    Have fun! I look forward to meeting you soon.



  2. Katlyn, so maybe I was facebook stalking you and saw that you are about to head to Espana! What an awesome country; you will absolutely love the culture and the people and everything! Eat some chocolate and churros and paella when you get there. Enjoy everything in your time over there, and the Lord will meet you there even though everything is completely foreign, He doesn't change. Can't wait to read even more, and hey the grammar will never bother me :) Praying as you travel and soooo excited for you!

  3. Thanks guys this is really encouraging to read, and I will definately take your advice Sneaka and ask my host family to take me to church, who knows maybe God can use me in that area.