Friday, June 3, 2011

Como una chica

Well Yesterday our group went to see Alhambra which is probably the most beautiful place I have ever been in my life. I'm afraid my pictures wont be able to do it justice at all. It just amazes me the detail and sophistication that is in something that is so old. There were two palaces that we toured through and a grand garden full of roses and many other flowers and cats, for some strange reason there were cats everywhere at this place, maybe it's because of all the coy ponds. Last night Alexis and I when we got back from the Alhambra we went to find her mom Natividad at club merengue where she takes dance lessons there, so we watched her for a bit and then went out for tapas afterward. I was very tired from all the walking that I did so I went straight to bed. The food here is so good all the time there is just always so much of it I swear I'm going to gain twenty pounds while I'm here. Later today our group is going to go see the Albaicin, which is the Arab district I think, but I'm not really sure. So I'll habe more to write on that later.

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  1. The Alhambra is one place I'd definitely like to see when I come visit. I have heard it is beautiful!
    Save some of those wonderful tapas for me...I'm still enduring tuna fish, chicken, fish, fish, fish.... :)