Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Come TODO!!

So I officially hate food. For those of you who know me well you're thinking that's not possible katlyn would trade her grandmother for food, but no no not anymore. Magdalena feeds me so much ha you would think I was training to be a sumo wrestler with how big a portion she gives me. You guys think I'm exagerating but I'm not. Three meals a day eating till I want to throw up ha. But anyway yesterday was the first day of class, and I loved it! All my teachers are so nice and funny. The class itself is a  little easy but I'm still learning. All the kids in my class are so nice and we all love to joke about our families and the things they do, like feed us all too much ha. After school  which ends at one we had the rest of the day free, so me and my friend alexis went to find a local gym where we could work out at. After we did our work out my mom and her mom wanted us to go dancing with them, which was hilarious it was about twenty other men and women all about fifty years old in this club learning how to salsa and cha cha and the merengue and things like that, it was alot of fun. After dancing we went out for Tapas. For those of you who dont know what tapas is, it's this great thing where you go to a restuarant order a drink and they bring you all these appetizers for free, all you have to pay for is your drink, its very non expensive.

Today after class we visited a place called Sacramonte which is where the famous Gypsy district is. It was such a beautiful area that was just full of history and religious significance. We leaned about Gypsys and Jews and Christians and all about the persecution and racial decrimination that took place back in the day. I have some pictures that I will load up later. Touring that place pretty much took all day, because of course we walked everywhere ha. Tomorrow we are going to a place called Alhambre which I hear is suppossed to be very beautiful as well. Tonight I met my mom's grandson ha who is older than me, its wierd because Magdalena doesn't look older than her late fortys and she has grandchildren that are older than me. I guess that's just the spanish culture. Well her grandson was nice enough to offer to take me around this weekend and show me the city, which will be so nice because I've been so busy with school and going on all their planned excursions that I haven't had time to just walk around the city and see what there is. And since he is a local he will know the good places to go where as if I were by myself I would end up just wandering around or worse getting lost ha. But I'm excited so we'll see how that goes.

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  1. I like Magdalena! She sounds fun! I'm visiting toward the end of the month...will email you with the details. Glad you are having a blast!
    Don't forget to study. :)