Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fiesta del Blanco

So I've never really understood the phrase "lost in translation" until this weekend and I might still not understand it. So anyway I have this problem of listening to Magdalena acting like I understand everything she is saying and then later finding out that I had agreed to do something or go somewhere or whatever, but really having no idea what i just said or what she just said. So my lady had been talking about this festival where everyone dresses in all white and there is dancing and eating and its a huge party. The way she talked about it made it seem like it was a huge festival that all the city goes to sort of like the Fiesta del Corpus which I will explain later. So anyway i am like best buds with my spanish teacher Rosa, we tell everything to each other ha . So anyway I was telling her about this fiesta i was going to the blanco one and she had no idea what I was talking about, which was really confusing to me because i thought everyone knew about it ha. So then she started talking and I acted like I knew what she was saying, and of course i unknowingly agreed to do an extra credit presentation about the Fiest del Blanco since no one but me knew about it, ha so that was fun.

the fiest itself was alot of fun, me and my lady went to the place where she takes dance lessons and everyone brought food, and there was a ton of dancing. We got there at nine and I don't think we left till after two in the morning. Spain is a country that never sleeps i am convinved.

The next day I went with my friend alexis and her lady Natividad to some shops that were really cheap. Only my family will get this reference, but it was like the flea market in the Bahamas, that sort of set up, but even bigger than the one in the Bahamas if you can imagine that ha. It was all these stalls were set up where people brought stuff to sell. Now where they got the stuff to sell ha ha I cant say for sure that it was legal ha but at least it was cheap for me.

So that was Saturday, Sunday I went to my lady's daughter's birthday. If you dont remember my lady has five daughters Juani, Cristina, Beatriz, Magdalena, and I can't remember the oldest ones name. But they were all there along with all their boyfriends/husbands, and the grandkids, and the grandparents, just a huge family reunion. It was really cool for me to be there and see how they interact, to see how they are different from the traditional american family and what not, so it was a really fun experience for me. We pretty much stayed there all day .

Monday and Tuesday pretty normal school days, but today Wednesday is the beginning of the Corpus festival which is a big deal in Spain. I'm not really sure what it's about, but i know it has to do with Ferdinand and Isabel and christopher columbus I think, but I dont really know, I think its kinda like their Macy's day parade, but it lasts an entire week. So today I skipped one of my classes to go witness the beginning procession it was so cool, all the lady's were in flaminco dresses and they had a band playing Spainish music as they marched down the streets, really fun stuff but of course like a dumb i didnt' have my camara, but don't worry tomorrow is when the "real" parade happens, I dont know but its a bigger deal somehow, so I will definately put pictures of that up.

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