Sunday, June 5, 2011

Things in Spain I wish I hadn't experienced

Well we went to the Albaicin like I had said and it was sort of confusing, because I wasn't quite sure when we got there that we were there. I think it was just an area of town that we walked through that was known as the arab district. But yeah it was totally gorgeous non the less. So that was Friday and then yesterday saturday some of my newly acquired friends and I decided to go spend the day at the beach. Ha it was a long process in getting to the beach. We had to take a forty minute bus ride to the bus station and then a two hour bus trip to Alamanga which is the city the beach was at, then an hour bus ride to the beach's bus stop, ha and then we got lost for two hours. You'd think the beach would be an easy thing to find, you know a whole lot of water just sittin there, but no we couldn't find the beach ha. So it was like two oclock in the afternoon when we finally found the beach, but when we did it was totally worth it. Today is another free day and so I think me and some friends are going to go to a movie and maybe visit a museum and then go dancing with our moms ha. But on a more serious note I wanted to use this trip as an opportunity to really grow in my faith, and so far that has been really hard. God is not in this culture at all, and I didn't realize how much I would miss that influence. I miss church, I miss bible studys I just miss God in general. And its so easy because we are kept busy all of the time to just forget about God you know? I miss being challenged and being taught new things about God. I guess I forgot how much I really needed God and wanted Him until I came here where I feel completely cut off from Him, I know that God is everywhere, but I feel like this is a place where you have to look harder for Him. So I guess you could pray that God would reveal Himself to me and that I would just really feel His presence.

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