Monday, June 13, 2011

long weekend

Well sorry its been a while since I updated but I've just been so tired ha I just wanted to sleep. So this past weekend my group took an excursion to Sevilla and Cordoba which was so awesome. Those cities are so much prettier than Granada. Not that Granada isn't pretty but the city has grown alot so there is much more modern stuff and construction everywhere, and Sevilla and Cordoba are tourist attractions ha so they are supposed to be prettier. In sevilla we visited the Catedral Sevillana, La torre del oro, and Los Jardines del Alcazar. All very beautiful places and very impressive to look at. We left Granada at 7:30 in the morning and took a two hour busride to Sevilla once we got there we went on all our tours. My favorite was the cathedral it was so massive and beautiful. If you have ever seen St. Peter's cathedral in Italy I would compare its size and grandeur to that. The architecture was very impressive, so much detail is put into everything, it just amazes me. The tours lasted until about 3:00 where we then had free time to shop or walk around the city, and do whatever we wanted until around six where we had to meet with the bus again to go to Cordoba. Interestingly enough there was a beerfest in town,, but not like you're probably thinking ha. Beerfests in Spain are like ribfests in America where everyone brings out there own brews and you get to walk along and try them for free. There was no drinking competition or anything like that, it was for people to come out and share their specialties or their creations with others. But it was free beer so alot of the members of my group enjoyed that ha. In Seville they also have orange trees everywhere, like the way we have grass ha they have orange trees. Just a fun fact. So when we met up with the bus we had another two hour ride to Cordoba. We arrived there around 8:30 and had to walk to our hostel that our program had gotten for us. It was actually very nice for a hostel, it kinda looked like any college dorm room would, bunk beds, a desk, a closet and a bathroom. There were four of us to a room. After we checked in we had to find this restuarant where our program had also reserved us for dinner. This was sorta difficult and we got lost ha it took us thirty minutes to get there. When we got there it had a tapas set up but on a grander scale, like instead of getting just one tapas, there were like five that we all passed around and shared with our table. The food was really good, but again there was so much of it ha good thing we walk everywhere. The following morning we had freetime till two where we met at the Mesquita-Catedral in Cordoba. Another magnificent building with an imteresting history, see this building was like half muslim mosque and half roman catholic cathedral, so the architecture inside was so diverse and crazy, it was the most unique building i have been in yet. Ok this might be wierd and its probably because i'm america ha but everytime I go into a Cathedral or a church my favorite part of it is the treasure room. Well maybe its not my favorite part but I definately enjoy it. Another one of my favorite things, and this is just in churches in general, is the stain glass windows. Love it, and in the cathedral they are of course just so intricate and colorful with such great depictions on them I just can't help but stare at them forever ha. But other than the cathedral we also saw the Sinagoga, the Puente Romano, and the Puerta de Puente, also really cool places. At 5:30ish we got back on our bus and made the 2:30 hour ride back to Granada. So a very long weekend, but very worth it.

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  1. OK...first, what is a Treasure room in a cathedral? I've never heard that term before. Second, how are your classes? You are attending, I hope. :) I have heard no mention thus far. Are they easy...hard...nice professors???
    Miss you, sweetie! And praying!!!